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Delicate Fabric

Welcome to Petit Atelier.

Here, we strongly believe that art is the best way to preserve memories. 


We ensure to encourage all our students, no matter the age, to express themselves freely. With guidance from our experienced art teachers, each student will be able to tap in on their inner creative self while using new techniques, materials and mediums to create meaningful art pieces that they can take pride and ownership of. As we embark on this creative journey together, we hope that each student's art piece will be a medium of expression that encapsulates their many fond memories of art making. To us, these memories created and experienced are truly priceless masterpieces.

Individuality and creativity is our utmost priority. A space for people of all ages to express their creativity through art making, we strive to provide guidance and impart techniques that help enhance one's artistic abilities; regardless of their level of experience or learning ability. We believe that art can, and should be enjoyed by everyone. Come along with us, and discover the joy of creativity and art making!

Art for kids!

Art may seem like just fun and games for little kids, but you may not realise that your child is actually learning a lot through the exploration of art making. Your children will gain rewarding life skills through art; such as communication, problem solving, self expression & creativity, fine motor skills as well as social & emotional skills. So encourage them to explore, create, be adventurous, and you will quickly see the positive impact it can have on your child.

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"Petit Atelier has been a life-saver during these June holidays. My girls love the online art lessons and keep asking for more! A wide range of classes ranging from lettering, acrylic paint and watercolour workshops. Materials will be sent prior to the lesson."

- Cheryl G


Our Partners.

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