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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 29 Jun 2024. If you have any questions that are not listed here, do contact us and we will respond to your enquiry ASAP!


How do I sign up for class?

You can choose to call, message or WhatsApp us at +65 9010 8836, email us at or sign up with this form.

Upon enrolling for classes, what are some things that I will need to take note of?

Kindly read through our terms & conditions here.

Does Petit Atelier have any trial lessons?

Trial class is at $48/pax for Petit classes, Intermediate, Advanced class and $70/pax for DSA/Portfolio Preparatory Programme.

What are the Weekly Lesson schedules like?

You may view our Weekly Schedule here

How can I make payment?

You can do so using the following methods:

1. PayNow to UEN T19LL1290G or
2. Bank transfer to OCBC Account 687881045001 or
3. Scanning this
QR Code

Kindly indicate the students' name in the remarks.

I want to reschedule my class. How do I do that?

Kindly note that a 24 hour written notice is required for rescheduling of any classes (trial, workshop etc), this is to ensure that the teachers are given the time to prepare for your lesson accordingly. Otherwise, we may not be able to adjust to your preferred timing.

I missed my weekly lesson. How do I arrange a makeup class?

  • A 24 hour written notice is required if a student is going to be absent or miss a lesson; otherwise a makeup lesson will not be arranged or given.

  • Make-up lessons have to be done on the same week as the missed lesson.

  • A maximum of 2 make-up lessons may be made per package.

  • If our available dates for make-up lessons do not match your child’s availability, we cannot guarantee a replacement class. Space availability is on a first come, first served basis.

  • Missed make-up class cannot be rescheduled.

Can I use my lesson package for other classes besides the regular classes?

Please note that lessons from packages bought cannot be used for speciality workshops (i.e. lettering workshops), holiday programmes and online classes.

Can I sit in with my child in class?

All our classes are drop off based and unaccompanied by parents/guardians to ensure that our other students are focused during class. We highly encourage students aged 2.5 - 5 years old to attend a trial class with us first before signing up to assess if your child is fit for drop off lessons with us!

Did my child do their artwork themselves?

The teachers' objective is to always guide and inspire our students. When required, depending on what is needed, teachers will demonstrate painting or drawing techniques to guide the students proper ways of art making.

How many lessons are needed to complete an artwork?

For our Petit classes, we strive for the children's works to be completed within 1.5 hours as each class has a lesson objective to be achieved, albeit sometimes we have 2-3 week projects. As for our Intermediate, Advanced & Portfolio classes, a targeted time frame is always set for completion depending on the students' ability as well as the complexity of the artwork. Our students' motivation and interest is our utmost priority and learning under the pressure of time can deter that.

What are registration/material fees?

A one time registration & material fee is applicable for Weekly Lesson programmes upon signing up. A registration fee is required to officially enrol in Petit Atelier; and our material fees give students access to all stationery, materials and tools in the studio. Upon signing up, Petit, Intermediate, Advanced & Portfolio students are also given an art bag consisting of an art apron and a sketchbook.

Why can't my child paint/draw on their own at home?

In the studio, it is important that our students are given guidance one step at a time for their artworks. We lend a helping hand by handling certain materials, provide recommendations when picking colours or mediums and they are constantly reminded of the techniques and the different ways of art making. With some time and patience, students will slowly gain the confidence to create their own unique artworks using what they've learned in class.

When can I expect a response after calling/messaging?

Phone calls, messages and emails will be responded within 24 - 48 hours.

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