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DSA/Portfolio Preparatory

12 Lesson Package
10 - 12 years old (DSA)
13 years old & above - adults | 2 hours

For admissions to SOTA Integrated Art IB Program, Secondary School DSA Art Program & other Fine Art Institutions such as NAFA & Lasalle; our Portfolio Preparatory Programme is designed to support our students in building a personalised portfolio that accurately represents their abilities, interests, creativity, and overall development as an artist. Students are required to have a strong interest in art making, to be self motivated and disciplined.

An annual material fee of $100 is applicable for portfolio students

Some learning objectives:


Technical skills in dry, wet and 3D mediums

Refining of observational & referencing skills
Creative works using imagination & conceptualising

Introduction to Elements of Art & Principle of Design

Art journaling

Art history

Artist studies

Interview preparation

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